Studio 1Studio 2
3:45-4:30pm Pre-Senior Tap
4:30-5:15pm Pre-Senior Ballet
5:15-6:15pm Senior Jazz
6:15-7:15pm Senior Hip Hop
7:15-8:15pm Open Jazz7:15-8:15pm Hip Hop Rep
8:15pm-9:15pm Open Contemporary


Studio 1Studio 2
3:30-4:15pm Tiny Tots
4:15-5:00pm Mini Acro
5:00-5:45pm Junior Ballet
5:45-6:15pm Junior Jazz
6:15-6:45pm Junior Tap
7:00-8:00pm Adult Jazz
8:00-9:00pm Adult Tap


Studio 1Studio 2
3:45-4:30pm Mini Rep Team3:45-4:30pm Pre-Senior Jazz
4:30-5:30pm Strength and Stretch
5:30-6:30pm Senior Jazz Rep Team5:30-6:30pm Intermediate Rep Team
6:30-7:30pm Senior Tap Rep Team
7:30-8:15pm Beat Pilates
8:15-9:15pm Open Ballet


Studio 1Studio 2
9:00-9:45am Tiny Tots9:00-9:45am Beat Pilates
9:45-10:15am Pre-Junior Tap9:45-10:30am Intermediate Jazz
10:30-11:15am Intermediate Ballet10:30-11:00am Pre-Junior Jazz
11:15-12:00pm Intermediate Tap11:00-11:30am Pre-Junior Ballet
12:00-12:30pm Pre-Junior/Junior Hip Hop11:30-12:30pm Senior Ballet
12:30-1:15pm Junior/Intermediate Hip Hop12:30-1:30pm Senior Tap
1:30-2:30pm Acro 1/2
2:30-3:30pm Acro 3/4
3:30-4:15pm Glee
4:15-5:00pm Drama

Enrol now!

Please contact us for available private music and dance lesson times.

Rep Teams are INVITATION ONLY. Rep team students must do at least 1 ballet, 1 jazz & 1 acro and 1 strength and stretch. Hip hop rep students must also do at least 1 hip hop class. Tap rep students must also do 1 tap class.

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