Classical Ballet is the foundation of dance. It  assists in the development of poise, musicality, core strength and technique. At JumpPA we use the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus (ATOD). This syllabus teaches students strong technique and has the option of examinations where students receive feedback on their progress.


A fun and musical style of dance where students get to make some noise and create rhythms and patterns. We use the ATOD syllabus with the option of examinations as well as incorporate urban style tap into our classes.


A fun and energetic class incorporating kicks, turns and jumps. Routines range from Broadway and cabaret, to the more modern styles seen in the latest video clip. At JumpPA we use ATOD Jazz Moves with the option of exams.


An ever evolving style of dance, contemporary is a very expressive style of dance involving floor work, jumps and flexibility.


Acrobatics is being seen more and more in the dance world. Learn how to do cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, walkovers, flips and burannis!

Hip Hop

Learn the latest moves to your favourite hip hop song. Seen in many current  video clips this style is sure to have you grooving away.

Tiny Tots

The perfect class for your pre-school aged child (2-5yrs). Our Tiny Tots class is a mixture of ballet and jazz and teaches children the foundations of dance through the use of imagination and creativity. Children sing songs, dance, use props and leave class not only having learnt new skills but also gaining confidence and building friendships.

Rep Teams

These classes are invitation only and are our representative teams. Students in these classes prepare routines for competitions throughout the year.


Improve your confidence, stage presence and acting skills through our drama program.  This class has been especially designed to complement the dance and music syllabi to provide students with strong acting skills. Students learn the art of improvisation, script development, solo and ensemble work through educational drama games, exercises and activities. Students work towards an end of year performance.


A group singing class where students learn ensemble pieces along with choreography for the end of year music and drama concert. 

Stretch & Strength

A class designed to improve strength and flexibility for all ages.

Private Guitar 

These classes are designed for those students wanting to learn to play the guitar. The one on one lessons allow students to learn at their level. Students prepare for an end of year performance.

Private Dance & Acro

These classes are designed for students wishing to compete in solo competitions or to improve their skills and technique in a one on one environment.