Jump PA values:

Dance movementsLearning new skills
Refining technique
FunChildren love coming to Dance classes, they look forward to attending and want to be there, they are actively engaged in the class.
Physical exerciseGood for health and fitness as growing children. They feel better because of increase in endorphins through exercise.
LeadershipOlder children helping the younger ones, they have a good attitude and people comment on how well they behave and on their sportsmanship at competitions.
Life skills“It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless”
When you’re down you get back up again – commitment, perseverance, persistence.
Be the best “You” you can be. Improve on your performance yesterday. It’s not about being the best but being the best, you can be. Focus on personal performance.
A fun way for young children to learn the benefits of exercise, (to be applied throughout their life).
Self confidenceJump promotes self-confidence, a positive body image, focusing on the children’s attributes and the attributes of others. Jump contributes to improving and enhancing their personal growth both physically and mentally.
Team workEncouraging other members of their own team and of other teams. Learn to be as one in a group.